USI International history starts from year 1993. From the very first steps we are Customer orientated. Quality without compromise is something we are striving for everyday.

Inovative lighting solutions, comfortable and controlable light, high lighting quality and individual solutions is our every day business. That allows to feel safe in streets, parks and squires; creates a good, comfortable atmosphere in workplaces, educational institutions and at home; welcomes and sends You off at air ports, sport facilities, theaters and many more spaces.

The know-how of our partners can be calculted in centuries, so we can guarantee to our clients not only a comfortable atmosphere, an effective working enviroment, architectural lighting which magically emerges during the night time and draws passerby‘s gaze, but also offer moving facade lighting appliations and cruise ship lighting solutions.

We create additional value, which has a long-term benefit: we carry out the lighting audit, we find the right lighting solutions, carry out lighting calculations and calculate the economical effect. Our solutions lifecycle is longer and generates benefits to the user. We also work with energy supply companies, financial institutions and we offer time checked and exceptionally effective ESCO model, which provides the benefits of new lighting faster carefree.